Prim Grunge Candles

I thought I would share my directions for making prim candles with you. If I am making a large batch I use the crock pot that I have just for waxing. If I am making a small batch, I melt a block of wax in a pie tin over a pot of water. Then add 1/2  crayon each of: black, brown, maroon and gold. I then added quite a bit of sand, stirred it up and gave each candle a quick coat. Then went back with a spoon and poured the mixture over them and rotated through all the candles until they were well covered. It was very easy, although I dropped quite a few candles, as you can tell by the splashes on my stove! lol.
My advice is to make sure the wax isn't too hot or it just melts back off and I probably wouldn't have added the black crayon, they were a little dark. I also sometimes add cinnamon, oatmeal or other spices.  Here are some pictures of the mess, procedure.
Bask in the glory of your talents!! lol

I really had a lot of fun making these candles, it was a super cheap project and a great way to use up all the cheap candles I had laying around. Hope you enjoyed the lesson.
Michelle / Simple Pleasures


Susannah said...

Very interesting! I think I will have to try this sometime.

Margaret said...

Terrific! I am going to do this very soon :) Recycling old candles is a good thing! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I have a plastic bag full of candles I picked up at GW. I like your method and will be giving it a try! Thanks for sharing, Michelle! I like the way your candles turned out!


NanaDiana said...

How fun- Your candles turned out cute...great idea about the crayons. I often melt my old candles down and dip pinecones in them and we use them for firestarters.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Michelle, how easy and love the look, I will try that for sure, grungy candles coming up. Thasnks for sharing, Francine.

~Sara said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Blessings~Sara

frontporchprims said...

What a great way to grunge candles. They look really good. The colore came out perfect. Thanks for the tutorial. -Steph-

Anna Hanley said...

Michelle, Those candles are so cool. I will definitly have to give it a try. Anna

Karen said...

Michelle, you have some of the nicest posts...and this tut is so easy to do it seems.
Your outcome is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing.

Prims By The Water said...

Looks easy enough for me to do! Thanks for sharing. Take care, Janice