New Shoes / Happy Feet, Haflinger

 I wanted to share with you some new shoes that I purchased a few weeks ago. I have plantar fasciitis and shouldn't wear cheap, flat shoes, so this summer I threw away all my cheap shoes, kept the good ones and basically wore my Crocs, med rx all summer and wore them out! Although they are good shoes and a good buy at about $30, they make your feet sweaty in the summer. I love slides, clogs, whatever you call them and I found this awesome pair of Haflinger's that I have been wearing for the last month, I paid about $85 for them but they are worth it to me. I know the style may not be for everyone but they have different styles and oh my feet are so happy, my plantar fasciitis is much better and my foot temperature is perfect! I wanted to share some photos with you.
(No, I'm not getting paid for this post I just love to share a good thing with you, but if they want to send me a pair of shoes I wouldn't complain!) ha ha.

The pair I purchased

I would have bought these if they had them!

Sunflowers, so cute!



Company History
Founded 50 years ago as a family-owned business, Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany.

Boiled wool and wool felt have been used in Europe for at least 60 years, but are relatively new materials in this country. It is the wellness properties, breathability and softness of both materials that are the secret of their success! Furthermore, wool is a natural insulator—it keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, guaranteeing year round comfort. Haflinger boiled wool and wool felt footwear benefits both healthy and problem feet alike!

Breathability has such a tremendous impact on your well-being, but so few people really understand the reasons. It is breathabilty that will keep your foot at room temperature all the time, never giving you a hot sweaty foot so common in synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are not breathable and will cause your feet to get hot and to perspire. Consequently, your veins will open up, circulation slows down and you will get tired. In a day and age where we are mobile longer in life and travel more than ever, conserving energy is so important!

Michelle / Simple Pleasures


Pendleton Primitives said...

I've got the same thing you have. It went away while I was pregnant with the last baby but two years later it's back with a vengeance. Huns rubs my feet but it's not enough.mill try these shoes.

Ann said...

Silly question - socks or no socks with them? I'm thinking in the summer you would not wear socks? I just looked up the website and the store locator to find a store near me. Closest one is an hour away - I'll get there sometime. ~Ann

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Michelle, oh those look so comfy and cute, love them. Also really like your new Header picture, lovely lady.Blessings Francine.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

They are cute and everyone loves happy feet!!

Karen said...

Oh man, I have PF as well and it's very painful Had many shots in the heel for it and special insoles made. Now and then I get a twinge but for the most part I think I controlled it by not wearing 'flat flip flop' shoes as well...they are murder on the feet.
Love these shoes you bought. I'm off to check them out.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love the shoes but not the reason you want them/need them. I have never heard of them before but they are really cute! xo Diana

frontporchprims said...

Wow, what cute shoes. They look really comfy and light. TFS. I am actually in the market for some new shoes. Comfy feet are happy feet. Have a great weekend. -Steph-

Margaret said...

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