Life long love with Pfaltzgraff

When I was about 21 years old I found out about Pfaltzgraff dinnerware and started collecting the yorktowne pattern. I had tons and tons of it. After using it for 20+ years, I needed a change and sold it all and purchased plain white dishes that matched with my shabby/cottage decor at the time. Since making the tradition to Prim/Country decor 2 years ago, I found myself drawn to the darker more rustic look so I've been collecting more Pfaltzgraff dishes. I received 2 different (patterns) sets for free for doing an online store review and the rest I have purchased used. I only purchased dinner plates for the Village and American Folk Art, (how many complete sets do I need!) I have been looking for the original Folk Art set for a while now and finally found it at a price I would pay. I got service for 8 and a few accent pieces at a rummage sale Friday for $75, score!  And purchased a canister set from ebay for $80. So now I am keeping an eye out for some coordinating pieces and then I better stop!

Pfaltzgraff, Yorktowne 1st Set
(I can't remember the pattern name)(for 4, free)

Pfaltzgraff, Blue Pointe (for 8,free)
Pfaltzgraff, Village (dinner plates)

Pfaltzgraff, American Folk Art (dinner plates)

Pfaltzgraff, Folk Art (for 8)

What kind of dishes do you have?

Michelle / Simple Pleasures


Karen said...

Hi Michelle,
My first set of Pfaltzgraff dishes were the Yorktown as well...I got a complete set of 8 from my in-laws as a Christmas gift back in the late 70s and used it up until around 1999...it was fantastic and looked as good then as when I got it...and I got many accessory pieces over the years too.
Sold it all at a rummage sale a few years ago but do you know I still miss it and loved it to the end but it was time for a change.
Now I use a pattern called Strawberry Hill from Syracuse China...it is restaurant ware and just gorgeous. White with brick red strawberry plants on it...not the berry...just the plant...very prim!


Ann said...

Pfaltzgraff Folk Art - I started collecting this pattern about 9 years ago. ~Ann

Judy said...

I started collecting the Folk Art a about a year ago. i saw lots of people online and in magazines had it and it blended with my colors so well. I came across it quite cheap in an antique store. Then I found more in another antique store REALLY cheap last Christmas. Early this spring I went to a yard sale and this girl was selling a set of her mother-in-laws. The girl obviously did not like it at all, which I found out through talking to her. I did not NEED it but could not leave it there. It needed a good home. I got the whole service for 8 minus one cup, a serving platter and serving bowl for SEVEN dollars! SCORE! I also have a set of Ragon House dishes which I use every day. They are tan with cream stars around the edge.


Prims By The Water said...

I started out with Pfaltzgrath and now I have Pier One dishes. Take care, Janice

The Gingerbread Gem said...

This is new to me? It's American? My favorite is 'Village'. I have dishes with red and white polka dots and Ikea-stuff and my kids brake them all the time :-). I'd better wait until they're older before I start collecting!


NanaDiana said...

HA! I had the Yorktown pattern for probably 15 years and then passed it along to one kid who passed it along to another and I just got part of it back. I also had the Folk Art for several years and loved it. But when I went lighter I gave it away to a friend's daughter that was just setting up house. The last I knew she still had it.

I am glad you are back to your "first love".

I now have the white kind of 'shabby chic' dishes from Jacklyn Smiths' collection. I love it but it is REALLY heavy- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

My husband bought me the Village pattern for our first anniversary over 33 years ago and I am still using it and have many extra pieces.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Before my best friend passed away she collected the folk art pattern.I used to pick up every piece I found while out yard saling.Now when I see it I'm tempted to buy and think of her.It can be found fairly cheap around here still since the factories were local I think the recently closed though.I collect the nature set not sure what it's called but it's sage greens,creams and has bumble bees,watering cans and wheelbarrels.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Kendra said...

You know what I have (my "fine china" according to my SIL), Yorktowne. I can't afford to change as I have, need, and use soooo many serving pieces at the holidays and I have service for 36. I remember asking for the pieces for shower and wedding gifts, Grandma and I used to go to The Piano Factory over there in
St Charles when that was open to get pieces from the outlet. I get a lot of the serving pieces from GW.


Carmen and the Primcats said...

Oh dear... you are as bad as me!!!!

Here's mine... plus I have Merlot too. It's really an addiction!


Also... if you add the email me gadget to your blog I won't miss your posts! Just let me know you add it so I can sign up to have them sent directly to my email! And sign up for mine too if you want. :)

Carmen and the Primcats

AbigailAdams said...

Have used and loved my Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne for over 36 years. Nice to meet other Pfaltzgraff lovers.