Homemade Christmas Gifts #4

This week I'm going to show you some quick and easy gift ideas just in the Nick of time! (get it...ha ha).
Aldis has a big bin of honey pretzels for under $4 and I already had Christmas sprinkles on hand. I usually buy a bunch of bags of Wilton chocolate melts on sale after holidays, although Aldis also has their own chocolate bark but I haven't tried it.  So it couldn't be easier, melt chocolate in microwave, (careful not to over cook or it will get grainy and clumpy). Dip the pretzels in chocolate and then in sprinkles and cool on parchment paper lined cookie sheets. I bagged 8 of them to give at a Christmas party I'm having next weekend. Easy peasy and soooo good.
P.S. Don't add water if the chocolate gets to thick add a few drops of oil until it gets smooth and creamy again.

Simple Pleasures


mississippi artist said...

Cute idea and they have such great little clear bags and cute containers now,you can really make a cute gift with these.

Bethany said...

My sister and I spent yesterday afternoon dipping and sprinkiling--such fun!!!

KarenLynn@Lil'SuburbanHomestead said...

They look delicious and festive!