Homemade Christmas Gifts #2

I purchased these at a local craft fair and thought they were so cute and easy I wanted to share them with you. Cut out 2 long johns and sew them together, leave a slit were the pants flap would be to insert the cards in there. Decorate with scrap ribbon and buttons. They sell felt glue so if you don't want to sew you can use that.

Simple Pleasures


Anonymous said...

That's a cute idea for gift cards. I just found your site on "Nana Diana takes a break" You are welcome to come see me at "She Junks" Smiles, Susie

peggy said...

What a nice idea. I love craft shows, don't you!

NanaDiana said...

Michelle-Those are just darling. It is so nice to see a post here. I have been "out of it" as far as visiting for a while..with Mama, new baby and 2 year old staying here. She is going home tomorrow. Your picture of you on your sidebar is just lovely!

Hope you are having a good Christmas Season! xo Diana

mississippi artist said...

These are so cute!!! A garland of these would be adorable.