Homemade Christmas Gifts #3

I was visiting Kendra from The Stone House Primitives and she showed how to make the cutest prim ornaments. Its basically simple and super frugal. All you do is take stale bread or cheap bread. (I used white) cut out shapes with cookie cutters and let air dry overnight on a wire rack. They will be dry and crusty when ready. Melt wax in double boiler, (I use a pie tin over a fry pan) and add 1/2 crayon for color. Dip in wax and place on parchment paper to set.  I dipped mine 2 or 3 times and right after the last time I decorated them with pepper corns. I added a hole with a toothpick after they were dried. Sooo cute!


Give it a try, they're lots of fun to make.
Simple Pleasures

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Amish Stories said...

Love the homemade ornaments over store bought, looking good. Richard