Bill Coleman Amazing Artist/Photographer

I have been a fan of Bill Coleman's photography for as long as I have loved the Amish and that has been about 25 years. I wanted to pay tribute to Bill as he has recently passed away. His legacy will live on in his beautiful art, he had an amazing eye that has always touched my soul! Have a look at some of his gorgeous photos.


About Bill:
Bill Coleman is an internationally acclaimed photographer based in Pennsylvania, USA. Coleman's body of work, spanning more than sixty years, has been exhibited at the National Press Gallery in Washington D.C., The Pennsylvania State House, Wolfson College at Oxford University, UK, the B.A.S.F Gallery in Frankfurt Germany and others. Coleman's work has been celebrated and recognized as the foremost photographic documentation of a single Old Order Amish community. In addition, Bill's most recent work of the Amish has been published in three books over the past twenty five years; "Amish Odyssey" in 1987, The Gift to be Simple in 2001 and The Gift of Friendship" in 2008. Born in Connecticut and raised in New York City, Bill served as an infantryman in WWII and was an American prisoner of war in Nazi Germany. After the war, Coleman majored in English and graduated from Penn State University and went on to Rochester Institute of Technology for graduate work. In 1951 Coleman opened his first photographic portrait studio in State College PA. For more than three decades, Bill crafted and shot his signature portrait sessions with thousands of residents, families, and business leaders in the Pennsylvania region.

Click here to go to his website it's beautiful!
Michelle/Simple Pleasures


Felicia said...

He was an amazing man. By making friends with the Amish children and gaining their trust he was able to capture their lifestyle. The majority of these photos were all captured in the Big Valley, about 20 miles from me.


Simple Pleasures said...

I didn't realize that's the area these pictures were taken. So beautiful' xo

Kendra said...

Thanks for sharing, love the pix!


Margaret said...

Beautiful. As a fellow admirer of the Amish, I can appreciate the sensitive beauty he captured in his work. Just precious. Maggie

NanaDiana said...

Gorgeous, Michelle! I love his photography, too.
On Saturday I am posting a picture of the wedding gown cupcakes you had for your son's wedding with a link to your blog. I hope that is okay. It is part of my random Friday blog. xo Diana