Amish Fiction

I think by now everyone knows how enamored I am with the Amish, so I thought I would share with you my Amish room. Everything in this room is second hand from either antique stores, thrift stores, flea markets, tag sales or Craig's list. Nico and I hang out here whenever I'm home. From the bazillion pictures on the walls to all my books, it's all about my beloved Amish.

P.S. I thought it was the cutest thing when I showed my friend my new Amish doll and she said to me, " are you going to put a face on her". So after a giggle, I explained to her that:

The Amish are characterized by deep religious beliefs and their hard working, community-minded spirit. They shun any fancy trappings of dress or lifestyle and, therefore, are often referred to as the ‘plain people’. Some of their religious beliefs and even their ways of life were sewed and stitched into the toys they made for children. One of the characteristics of these dolls is that they are faceless. It was written in the Bible in the Book of Deuteronomy that one was not allowed to produce any human images or likenesses.

Simple Pleasures


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Michelle,
What a fascinating 'addiction'
I love the Amish too - although I have nothing Amish like this in my home except some Cross Stitch that I did years ago.
I do wish the whole world thought in the same vein as the Amish...what a better world this would be.
Enjoyed your post!

bettyj said...

Grew up with my Grandfather carrying mail through Amish country in Ohio. I too admire lots of their qualities and their availability to help one another.

NanaDiana said...

I used to make those dolls and sold tons of them when that was the rage. I think I still have a set of them stashed away. I love that you have such a great collection and enjoy it so much- xo Diana

Kendra said...

I love that room! Very comfortable, yet "simple". I am so glad that you were able to share some of your knowledge with your friend.


The Gingerbread Gem said...

I'm also very interested in the Amish. I'm excited to visit Lancaster County in PA this summer.


Angie Berry said...

Oh Michelle, I always knew we were kindred spirits! =] I also have Amish in my home. I don't have a whole room for them, but I do have a section of my living room where I keep them all. Mine are also from the same kinds of places but I've never checked craig's list for them. I live about 20 miles from a small Amish community so every once in a great while I will find something Amish in one of the antique malls there. Of course, I always have to buy it! =]

My things are mostly dolls. I ADORE your collection!!! I really enjoyed looking at all your things. Thank you so much for this post Michelle! Now I want to go down the road and visit them tomorrow, hehe!

Enjoy your weekend~

frontporchprims said...

Did you see the Documentary that was on PBS called Amish? It was wonderful. I love that you bought everythings second hand. I do alot of that too. Your Amish room is so cute. Good job. -Steph-

GennieG said...

Hello Michelle! I love the Amish too! Everything about them. I keep telling my family one day I'm going to go ask them if they'll adopt me. My family doesn't think I can be Amish but I know I can. I love them and their way of life. Of course I just dream this because it can't happen. I am about 2 hours from Lancaster. I don't get to go to often but I always go on my birthday weekend. And if I miss them in between I take a 40 minute drive to a farmers market/flea market that the Mennonite's are at and I get my fill for the day and I have their delicious sausage and everything else that they sell and make. I come home stocked. Love your Amish family room! Have a great day! XO

Tammy @ The Northern Nest said...

I am smitten with your Amish decor! Paw and I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast once that had an Amish Room. Had I known of it's existence I would have asked to stay in it instead of the Rose Room, which was lovely, but I too have always had a fascination with the Amish!♥