Animal Rescue

I am taking Nico to "Doggie school" here in Batavia and hope that with a little work on both our parts I can get him certified as a therapy dog! He loves people, attention and snuggling so he would be perfect. Although he started his life in Kentucky and was badly abused, he has made great strides since he was rescued by Jan from Companion Animal Rescue. I have had him for about 11 months now and he's doing awesome but has a little doggie attitude we need to work on. Wish him luck!

Nico with Grandma

Nico with his friend Satchel
Nico with his "other mother", June
Nico with his "brother",  my son Anthony

Simple Pleasures


NanaDiana said...

He is so cute, Michelle! I hope you can get him certified. He is cute but NOT quite as cute as your son! What a handsome kid! xo Diana

Never So Simple said...

What a cutie. Love those eyes. Good luck at doggy school.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh so cute....I love seeing animal pictures and especially when they belong to friends!
Thanks for sharing.

Kendra said...

In Niko's defense, when you are that cute you can't help but have an attitude really!

That is so neat what you are doing with him. He probally never imagined all this good he would do before he came to you, what a blessing he is.

Good luck to you and Niko!

Lots of love to both of you,

bettyj said...

Well good luck, but I agree, when you're that cute you gotta have attitude. I take my rottie to the Nursing Home and the patients love him.He is not a certified therapy dog, he just visits.