Frozen Laundry The Amish Way ...

On a December visit with our Amish friends I had the experience of watching the lady of the house do laundry. On her mud porch she keeps her gasoline-powered washing machine, complete with a wringer. Once the clothes are washed and wrung she tosses them in a basket, and when the basket is full it's time to hang the clothes to dry.
And this is the part I found interesting: In 17-degree weather she carried the basket of wet clothes out to the clothesline and, barehanded, hung the clothes as though it were a sunny summer day. But it wasn't! The thermometer may have read 17 degrees, but with the stiff breeze it felt more like 10 degrees or less! With raw, red hands she worked quickly and efficiently, not wasting any time at all.
When she had finished hanging her basket-load I brought out my camera to take photographs of the colorful dresses swinging in the breeze, and as I snapped away I realized that the water left in the dresses had formed into icicles. Not only that, but the clothes had frozen stiff, and as they swung back and forth in the breeze they made a noise like cardboard as they bumped one another.

I posted photos of the frosty clothes for my friends to see. Over time many people asked the same question: If the clothes are frozen, how do they ever dry? This morning I got the answer.
Apparently they freeze-dry on the line, but it depends on the level of humidity. The sun and wind help dry them, and if they don't completely dry out on the line, then they will finish drying once they are brought into the house.
So now you know!

Article & photo courtesy of amishworkshops.com
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I Love Craigslist ...

So I wanted a few things for my new place and as always the first place I search is Craigslist. I have sold so many things through them and purchased even more. I would rather buy good quality wooden furniture used than buy cheap Ikea furniture new. I had been looking for this exact kitchen set for a while and every time I found it, it was either too expensive, too far away or already sold. So last night I kept checking craigslist every hour and I found the set I wanted, they had just listed it a half hour before and I was going to be the first to go check it out. Well that baby was mine for $80. I was able to move it in my car and after washing it down and disinfecting it, (I'm a germ freak) I tightened up the screws, oiled it and viola. Success! Then the other piece I wanted to share with you is an entertainment center. I had been looking for a tv stand and had something in my head that I just couldn't find when I came upon this amazing bargain... It seems most people are getting rid of their entertainment centers and opting for flat screens on the wall. Well that was fine with me because I got the entire 3 piece set for $120 and they were kind enough to deliver it! They had purchased it from Walter E Smithe for $3000 about 8 years ago. It is solid and super heavy. I love all the storage and have everything from linens, quilts games to my dvd's stored In it. (and my tv). So what do you think, do you use Craigslist? Cause if you don't you could be saving yourself a lot of money. lol



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Playroom Reveal ...

I wanted to share with you some pictures of the playroom I made for the little girl I care for and for my future grandchildren. I think it came out so cute and cheerful. 

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How Amish Women Pin Up Their Hair ...

I found this article to be very interesting and thought I would share it with you! 
Christina, an eleven-year-old Old Order Amish girl from Michigan, was kind enough to sit for a series of photographs while her mother, Mary, pinned up her hair. Like most Amish females, she has never cut or trimmed her hair. Amish women pin their hair into buns, and then cover their heads with a prayer kapp, following Paul's instruction to women in 1 Corinthians 11:5 to cover their heads. The idea is that one should always be prepared to pray, and one should be prayerful throughout their days.
Mary begins by combing out Christina’s hair. She pulls the hair back away from her face and behind her ears, then fastens her hair on both sides of her head with barrettes.
Next she binds her hair into a ponytail using a simple hair band. The ponytail must be tight and close to the head.

In order to get Christina’s long hair to fit under the kapp, Mary must double it over three times (this varies depending on how long someone’s hair may be). Once the hair is rolled into a “bun” it’s time to pin it up.
Two heavy-duty hairpins are used to hold Christina’s hair in place until the hairnet is on.
Once the bun is stable, the hairnet is placed over the bun from back-to-front, then twisted and
brought back from front-to-back.


The pins are pushed down through top, then back in toward center of the bun, grabbing some of the hairnet and some of the hair to make it stay. The first two pins that were used to hold the bun in place are removed, then replaced over the hairnet. A total of eight pins are used.
Once the bun is secured it’s time for the prayer kapp, which can be secured with either straight pins or bobby pins. Mary feels that straight pins look neater, but most often she has her young daughters use bobby pins because kapps tends to get dirty from oily fingers when pins are used. In these photos, Mary places the kapp on Christina’s head, then places two pins on either side, catching the hair beneath the kapp to hold it in place.

* Article & picture courtesy of Amishworkshops.com.

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Country Prim Bedroom ...

I swore I was going to try to simplify my home d├ęcor this time around and I think I did pretty well so far! Both of my bathrooms, the living room and the playroom are streamlined. My bedroom on the other hand, not so much! lol  I was excited to find this solid oak headboard on Craig's list for $20, and of course I painted it black. Here is the bedroom.

I'm looking for an old BLACK rocking chair to replace this!

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Home Sweet Home Part 2 ....

Thank you all for the personal emails and comments welcoming me back from my journey caring for my mom, I am happy to have the time to visit with you all again and catch up on all your blogs!
22 years ago I moved to Batavia with my husband and son because we both had dreamed of living in "the country". We searched for a small town that had historic charm close to the farming community but not more than an hour away from our families. After just a short time living here, we both found all the qualities we dreamed of. Well I left the guy but not the town, lol...I have made so many good friends here and am always drawn back to my block where I know just about everyone. Over the last 22 years, I have seen this town expand and grow to crazy proportions, the farm with horses I loved 2 blocks away is now a bunch of new homes...  but I live in the historic district and it still has a small town feeling.
 My block is lined with small homes and people rarely rent them out but I had heard that one of my old neighbors was moving in with her daughter (she is 96) so I jumped at the chance to move to her home, the funny thing was that this was the exact home that I lived in when I first moved to this neighborhood. When I previewed it a few months ago I was surprised/disappointed to see that nothing had been updated except the kitchen cabinets that had been painted highlighter yellow.(yikes) Even 2 borders that I had put up were still here. I had second thoughts about the condition but my landlord assured me they were going to update it before I moved in.  My landlord told me to bring him a paint sample of what I wanted the walls painted. I chose a light taupe color to give the home warmth. I also asked him not to get a flat finish. So about 10 days before I was set to move in I came to see the progress and the walls were all white and in flat paint. The house was definitely NOT in move in condition when I moved in but I decided to be grateful to be back on my block and make the best of it. It is going to be a combination of contemporary/country because I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll! lol I decided on black and white for the kitchen and with my trusty gallon of black paint....Here is what I came up with so far....

Table I found in trash, Painted black!

Handmade curtains, fabric from Hobby Lobby
(Looking for wall words for above the curtains)

Sign by Etters prims, I painted bread board
Wall words $5 Big lots

$2.99 goodwill

More black paint. lol

More black paint....



Black ....


Childhood Treasure!

P.S. Yes, they said I could repaint, but I just don't have the energy! Any volunteers? lol

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Home Sweet Home ...

Hello girls, I've been missing in action for the last 6 months as I moved home to take care of my mom. Make a long story short, I have moved back to my beloved neighborhood and was fortunate enough to find a rental home across the street from my last home. So a lot of packing and unpacking the last 6 months! I had three months that I wasn't able to take care of my sweet girl and it broke my heart! I was blessed to start back with her at the end of April. She has grown so much, you won't believe it! I will try to post regularly very soon as I have missed you all! I can't wait to catch up! I have had the unpleasant challenge of decorating a home that was painted in white flat paint. Maybe when I get myself caught up on sleep I will repaint, but for now I'm making the best of it! I keep teasing everyone telling them I live in an igloo! Pictures coming soon! Here are a few updated pictures of everyone.

My sweetie pie  2.5 yrs

Anthony & Annie
Mom (89)
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