Small Town Living

 I've always wanted to live in the country although I thought it would be Indiana Amish country! But I have decided to move west to a small town named Elburn (5,600 pop). In comparison Batavia is 26,500. Elburn maybe small but it's big on charm. The center of town is the older historic section and the outer edge is newly built homes and lots of farmland. Its only about 10-12 miles further west than Batavia so I still will be close to my son and daughter in law, work, friends and all my favorite shops! Another new adventure, wish me luck!

John Deere
Community Center

Amazing Grace Antiques

Reams Meat Market

Lots of corn crops

Lovely home across from the golf course

The entire downtown strip, lol

Beautiful land as far as you can see


Right in the middle of town, Corn coop

One of the many historic homes

Fisherman's Inn Banquets

One of the many cool barns

Beautiful park
Simple Pleasures/Michelle


Margaret said...

Can't wait to see posts about this new adventure in your life! Wishing you lots of luck! Maggie

NanaDiana said...

Michelle, I am so proud of you- you are such a brave soul. You have seen so many changes in the last few years and just keep moving forward. Good luck- I can't wait to see your new place. How soon are you moving? xo Diana

Simply Shelley said...

Looks like a wonderful place to live. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. Blessings