A Little Aqua to Liven Things Up

I have really simplified my decorating since last summer. Although my favorite decorating style is still country/prim/colonial, I have chosen to just decorate very traditional at this time. I am trying to be conscious of clutter. I always think I don't have too much "stuff" until I pack it up to move and then I realize I still have too much! The majority of it is decorations as I have downsized all of my kitchen stuff and gotten rid of a lot of books because I use my nook all the time. Although I have kept some of my favorite Amish books. Here are a few pictures of the aqua, teal color I have been loving lately. (ignore the messes you see, like the garbage ready to go out on the doorknob. lol)


This is not my bedroom, but it is my bedding. lol

Michelle / Simple Pleasures


Simply Shelley said...

Very nice..very clean and un -cluttered....teal is a great color choice...blessings

NanaDiana said...

It looks WONDERFUL, Michelle. I finally found you again and put you back on my sidebar. You must have changed your name/email slightly because the old one dropped off?

Anyway- glad to find you again. You whole style looks completely different since I last visited. I love the fresh/clean-lined look to it. xo Diana

ps. Did you know that you are a NoReply when you leave a comment on blogs?