$$ Store Christmas Tree Craft

I have been doing some dollar store crafting with the help of Evie lately. Keeping her busy while only spending one dollar per craft is great. I will be sharing them with you throughout the next couple of weeks. Remember this magazine/book craft from wayyyyy back In the day! It was fun and easy even though I had to do all the folding. Here are the easy to follow pictures.

Cute as can be. 
 Fold from the right to left corner.

Then fold the right corner in again.
You will have a piece hanging over the edge fold
and tuck that that under.

And you will be left with this. I didn't connect my
all the way around because I wanted to put
it on Evies play table against the wall.

Evie and I decorated hers like this. But the
possibilities are endless!
Michelle / Simple Pleasures 


Michelle said...

Very cute! This is also a great ideal for an offices desk.

Raymond Homestead said...

Fun to make!

Simply Shelley said...

I made some of these last year,but out of old books and made them more rustic looking....yours is very pretty.....blessings