50th Anniversary and Homemade Pillow

My friend and her husband will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year! They are the nicest couple of people you'd ever want to meet. June had asked me if I would make her a country throw pillow stitched with their names and wedding year on it and I was happy to oblige. I wanted to show it to you and take a moment to tell them both how much they mean to me and Nico.

The cutest couple ever!
Larry and Nico
June and Nico
Me and June having a little shopping fun!

They say a dog is a good judge of character and Nico adores them both. He probably spends as much time with them as he does with me. He spends 3 days a week with June while I work and we just open our doors and he runs from my house to there's because were next door neighbors. When June is visiting and gets ready to leave he cries and cries for her and  follows Larry around like his shadow. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives. Happy Anniversary you guys!

Michelle and Nico / Simple Pleasures


Shirlee said...

How very thoughtful of you! I would love to have neighbors like Larry & June! You are very lucky! A very happy 50th to them both!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Its so nice to have someone you love being with and is close by when you need them..You are all blessed to have each other. Nico is blessed to have all 3 of you!
Sweet post!

Have a good weekend!


Kendra said...

The pillow is beautiful. Your work is always so lovely.

Please tell June and Larry Happy Anniversary for me. They are so sweet.


Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

What a wonderful gift you made them!! I wish them 50 more wonderful years!!