My Prim Country Home #3 ...

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my living room, if you followed my old blog you will recognize a lot of my refurbished furniture. I'll show you the rest of the room tomorrow.

Nico wanted to be involved in the tour!

(Over the sofa)

Simple Pleasures


Kendra said...

Very cozy. Your sofa looks like the one I have in my craft room, I love it in there, it is my creative thinking and relaxing sofa!
Thanks for sharing.

NanaDiana said...

It's very sweet looking! You've done a good job of making your new place feel homey. I still love that settee! xo Diana

mississippi artist said...

Nico looks like he loves it. I like the sofa. Very comfortable looking room.

Never So Simple said...

Everything look really good. I can't wait to see the rest of the room.


Patti said...

I just love your decorating style. So comfortable and welcoming. And Nico is such a cutie pie:)

Angie Berry said...

I do remember so much about these things! I remember you bringing the sofa in and then adding the homespun behind the hearts. Love it Michelle, it is lovely!

So glad to have found you again! =]