The Confession An Amish Musical

 While on vacation I went to see a musical called "The Confession". Beverly Lewis is my favorite author and I have read all of her Amish books so I was very excited to go to the Blue Gate theater and see the show. Here's the promo about the musical..
The Confession is a captivating story of a young Amish woman who is caught in the middle of secrets and scandal, love lost and love found, and personal heartache and healing.
With the laughter that ensues when a New York actress tries to play a “Plain” woman and the emotion that is inevitable when lies are uncovered and truth is revealed, audiences will enjoy a roller coaster of highs and lows. Mix that with soaring melodies, inspiring lyrics, and glorious orchestrations and the time will fly by.
“It’s a brilliant love story and a keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery all wrapped into one. Men and women alike will be anxious to find out what happens,” says premiere director, Wally Nason. And show producer Dan Posthuma adds, “Beverly Lewis is a remarkable storyteller. She has given us a rich plot, with compelling characters that courageously confront their past, their future, and their faith. And the music! You’ll have a hard time deciding which tune to hum on the way home.”
Beverly Lewis, who USA Today hails as the ‘queen of the genre’ when it comes to Amish love stories, is the one who wrote the book that the musical is based on (actually, the story comes from the trilogy of The Shunning, The Confession, and The Reckoning). 


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Anonymous said...

Shipshewanna is my favorite place to go, would love to live there someday. Have you every stayed at The Farmstead? Shipshe pizza is the best, last time we were there it was for sale though :>(

Love your blog layout, beautiful fall pictures!

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Tammy @ The Northern Nest said...

I saw this advertised last night at our nearby Der Dutchman restaurant. It looks like a lovely play!♥