Amish Home

 Here are a few pictures of an Amish home they have on display at the Menno-Hof center. This is a re-creation of an Amish home in the actual museum, so ignore the electric outlets!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I was noticing the lack of appliances; though I see one plug outlet in the bottom picture. Is it true they don't use electricity or modern conveniences?

I live in a community that has a Mennonite church, in fact, I have neighbors and our most recent mechanic that we've started using are Mennonite too. But they all use modern conveniences. No TV-- years ago, one family that I knew pretty well, only had an email machine, no internet.
Not sure about now. The local dairy farm has a webpage-- but don't know if they pay someone to do that for them. It is all curious to me and fascinating! Love your photos...
from the barn hop, Pat

Mama Duck said...

and interesting that they use products such as plastic washing baskets and mass produced hand cream on the counter, all things produced by machines and electricity! Interesting stuff!