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I am fascinated by alternative living, whether its a cabin, yurt, tiny home, or caboose. I've been reading a book about the new trend in frugal living. The Small House Book by Jay Shafer. I wanted to share it with you and show you some awesome homes, that may be small, but are big on organization and charm and with a yearly utility bills of $65 is very affordable. Click here to go to a cool blog, Tiny house.

Here's what the book is all about:

• How to build a small home for just 20 grand!
•Full color book that's loaded with pictures and you'll see that the houses are divided into two sizes. First you'll see the tiny houses, which are homes that range from 65 square feet to 140 square feet. And small houses that range from 250 square feet to 840 square feet.
• 22 beautiful home plans .
• The types of building materials you'll need.
• 7 critical organizing principles and 42 design elements to create a very efficient little home.
• 14 tools (many of which you probably already own) that Jay used to build his very own home.
• How to efficiently heat your home so you stay warm even in areas that are prone to snow storms.
• How to efficiently cool your home so you'll feel fine even in the dog days of summer in Southern states.
• How to set up plumbing that really works.
• How to set up a sanitary and convenient compost toilet that's odorless.
• How to get water running into your home.
• How to set up comfortable sleeping arrangements.
• How to set up a terrific little kitchen where you can cook great meals, just as well as anybody in an over sized kitchen.
• Step-by-step instructions for attaching a house to a trailer - pictures included.
• What you need to know about setting up appliances.
• What you need to know about solar power.
• How to properly power your home.
• How you can fit a family into a small home.

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